• Course Topics

    What will this class cover?

    Right Fit?

    We will go into detail about the offerings, locations and personalities that work well.

    Attractive Offers

    We'll help you develop a highly attractive offer - one that people sign up for regularly.

    Rapid Growth

    Airbnb experiences is growing 13 times faster than the lodging portion of the company.

    No Marketing

    Airbnb will do the marketing to fill your classes - you just serve your guests.

    Pricing Strategies

    How to price your offer so that your time is well compensated.

    Building Buzz

    Let your happy guests send even more people your way with great reviews.

    Logistics Handled

    Airbnb takes care of scheduling, collecting $$ and other logistics.

    Touch Lives

    You get to focus on helping people with your healing gifts and talents.

    Insurance & Liability

    Learn to protect yourself and your assets in a sue happy world.

  • In Grow Your Wellness Business with Airbnb Experiences, we will cover:

    If you have a wellness background, there’s a way for you to use Airbnb Experiences to connect with new clients, earn additional revenue and convert these guests into ongoing clients. And Airbnb does all the marketing for you!


    You don’t have to know much about the platform or do months of research in order to get started.

    Join this group of dedicated wellness business owners and this class with walk you step by step through the process. In one month or less, you'll learn how to create a compelling Airbnb Experience that will attract interesting people from around the world. With no additional marketing and no hassle about payment (Airbnb pays you within 24 hours of you delivering an experience).

    We are here to help you learn how to do this. It's why we created Grow Your Wellness Business with Airbnb Experiences. .

    It’s a four week online course designed to help you learn to:

    • Understand what types of experiences work best
    • Design a wellness experience that leverages your skills
    • Launch your profitable experience 
    • Optimize your listing for maximum paying guests
    • Enjoy working with more people 


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